*NEW* TooFaced DEW YOU Foundation (Review on dry skin)

Who brings out a super cute – beautifully packaged – fruit-themed makeup collection exclusively to just ONE country?
C’mon Toofaced! Other countries would have liked the oppurtunity too…

Considering that this is the ‘Dew You‘ foundation – all puns intended – I must tell you that my naturally drier skin type is not entirely convinced nor particularly a huge fan either. The formula is thick – very gel-like and certainly not one that I would actually describe as ‘creamy’.

In fact, I feel as though I have used a foundation formula similar to this one before – maybe it’s the IT Cosmetics CC Cream – except the finish and consistency of this foundation by TooFaced certainly sits a little different on the skin in my opinion.

After lightly blending around 2-3 pumps of the ‘Dew You‘ foundation (in the shade: snow) into my skin with a dampened BeautyBlender, I can tell you that this gives my skin type a medium coverage with a fresh yet natural finish. It can, unfortunately, appear just a little drying in areas, especially if I do not follow and maintain a good skincare routine twice a day BUT also prep and prepare my skin beforehand with a good hydrating primer. The thing is, this foundation doesn’t feel that great on my skin. It’s thick, although it isn’t full coverage as far as I am aware.

Would I recommend the ‘Dew You‘ foundation by TooFaced…WELL not for a drier skin type. It has the most incredible watermelon scent, although this foundation just does not work for me which is so incredibly devastating, as I really wanted to like this new product.

Love Jess


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