BeautyBay Eye Shadow Palettes – Origin, Identity, Evolve (Review)

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We all know that Morphe makes great eyeshadows!!
From their quality to Morphe's exceptional price point, I have no doubt in my mind when I say that Morphe is one of my absolute favourite brands when it comes to pressed eyeshadows in-particular.

A month or so ago, BeautyBay announced the release of three new eyeshadow palettes! For anyone who doesn't actually know, BeautyBay used to have their own beauty line back in the day. From cosmetics to beauty tools and appliances, I also used to love the makeup sets that they would occasionally create.

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Evolve has the neutrals. The plum-toned reddy browns, the shimmery pinks, some yellow golds, and a deep midnight blue with a gorgeous blunt forest green.

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Origin is the pink palette. From a small collection of cool-toned mattes - ranging from earthy browns to deep muddy violets, you can also find some really quite subtle shimmery bronzes in this palette too.

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Identity is my favourite out of the three, even though the shades are all arguably very similar to one another. Identity has the cool-toned nudes, the vibrant pops of pink, some rustic browns, a few mauve-toned shimmers and just some really great grey-toned browns overall.

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To be completely honest with you all, I would have to say that all three of these new palettes are very similar to one another. Their similarity could have been the reason as to why I purchased all three of them, although, to be fair, I just couldn't quite help myself!

It probably would have been better if BeautyBay had totally switched things up by making each palette completely different from one another. We could have had a neutral one, a plum-toned palette and maybe a nice rose gold palette too. Instead, we seem to have a collection of palettes that all have a very similar matte shade range with just the odd, slightly unusual shimmer/metallic shade in there as well. It is a shame that BeautyBay has created such similar shades for all three of their new large palettes, especially as each has such a distinct name of its own.

As far as the packaging for each palette goes, I could only tell you that I love it! I really like how unique the layout is from the simple step-by-step guide to how BeautyBay imagine these shades to be both applied and worn. With regards to the highlight shades, however... WOW, these are not for me. Whatever happened to a nice simple touch of glow? For some reason, the highlight shades in each palette are full-on texture, colour and saturation, and this is definitely not my cup of tea. Not for a highlight anyway.

In comparison to Morphe's wonderful eyeshadow formulation, I could only say that BeautyBay has not quite succeeded as far as I am aware. Obviously, for £25, each palette is an absolute bargain in my opinion and I have no doubt in my mind that so many of us are already absolutely loving these new palettes!! They are a great product for beginners, makeup artists and even makeup enthusiasts too!15

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Even though I could not say that in my opinion, these "are as good as" OR "even better than" Morphe, I do still think that these eyeshadows have a great formula!! The mattes are lovely and pigmented - they give a great colour pay off and they are also very easy to blend. You can layer these, build up the pigmentation as you blend and, in all, create some really stunning yet effortless eye looks with just one of these palettes. The shimmers, on the other hand, do not quite cut it! They are quite flat in my opinion, a little lifeless and maybe just in need of a little something extra. If I do decide to wear one of the shimmers then I would have to apply it by either a damp makeup brush or by the ease of pressing it onto the lid with my finger. It seems that BeautyBay has created many brilliant matte shadows and now they just need to perfect their shimmers too because what they have created is something really quite special... and that is my honest opinion.

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What are thoughts? Which BeautyBay eyeshadow palette would you choose?


Love Jess


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