Kylie Cosmetics #21 Birthday Matte Lipstick Set (Swatches & Review)

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Birthday Behavior • Rumor • Flirtini • Glam • Rager • August

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It's not every day that a girl turns 21 years old, and for Kylie Jenner what could be a better way to share with the world such a joyous occasion than releasing your very own birthday inspired makeup collection with your very own makeup brand.

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The #21 Birthday inspired Matte Lipstick Vault contains each individual lipstick that you could have purchased separately at the time of release.

After just checking the Kylie Cosmetics website, I can tell you that this six-piece set is no longer in-stock - however, many of the individual lipsticks are still available to purchase. So you may want to move quickly if you want to get your hands on any of the lipsticks from this collection.

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The Shades

Birthday Behavior - A deepened cherry red.
Rumor - A deep blackened plum.
Flirtini - A 'true' pink.
Glam - A bright pink.
Rager - A bright coral.
August - A soft pale pink.

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Birthday Behavior • Rumor • Flirtini • Glam • Rager • August


The Packaging
What can I say? The entire #21 Birthday makeup collection by Kylie Cosmetics is packaged beautifully. I love how Kylie has completely dominated the theme and overall style of this collection by literally plastering her face all over the outside cardboard packaging!

The six matte lipsticks themselves are not only each individually boxed with a different picture of Kylie on the front BUT they are also each packaged in a brightly coloured lipstick tube as well. Rumor is housed in a bright yellow lipstick case for example whilst Birthday Behavior is housed in a simple white... I love how each lipstick looks so different from one another yet they all seem to just WORK and fit so well together.

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The Formula
Whenever a makeup brand - no matter who they are - releases a matte formulated lipstick, I am not the most eager to run to the shops to try this product out! Matte lipsticks against a naturally drier skin type just like mine with lips that like to consume A LOT of lip-balm are not always best friends. Matte formulas and matte lipsticks in-particular are products that I often prefer to stay well clear of. Although, I had heard great things about Kylie's lipsticks so I wanted to give them a try!

In total honesty, I could only tell you that I am very impressed by this collection. I have never before tried a Kylie Cosmetics lipstick out but after having the opportunity to try just one of these lipsticks out, I can tell you that I would happily invest my money into more in the future.

The matte lipsticks in this collection each have an incredibly smooth, almost buttery and velvet-like formulation, which is creamy and just really quite comfortable to both apply and wear in my opinion - you wouldn't actually think of a matte lipstick when applying or wearing one of these!! Along with an easy application, I would have to say that these lipsticks deliver great pigmentation in as little as just one swipe. You can build and intensify the saturation of one of these lipsticks on your lips up, although, let's face it, I wouldn't actually say that you would need to!! With regards to their lastability, I would have to say that these wear pretty well. You have to top them up and reapply after a good few hours of wear, although with such an effortless formulation I am certainly not complaining.

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Please let me know in the comments down below what your thoughts on Kylie Cosmetics are, along with this really quite beautiful lipstick vault.


Love Jess


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