Natural Nude Lipsticks Perfect For Winter

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There's a cold damp chill in the air.
Outside see's a thick veil of fog - the traffic is slowly passing by as both engine and driver begin to thaw thanks to artificial heat.

On this early Autumn morning, I couldn't think of anything worse than smothering and suffocating my lips with a thick, dry matte lipstick. It's bad enough having to roll-out of a cosy, warm bed but then to whack on a heavy coat of makeup first thing... that does not sound appealing in the slightest.

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Gel lipsticks, butter balms, and tinted chapsticks are lip-saving products particularly around this colder time of the year.
At a TooFaced event that I attended around August, I got to really learn about many of TooFaced's products and why they use the ingredients that they do. For Autumn/ Winter time especially, the idea of the Natural Matte Butter Lipsticks sounded heavenly, to say the least. I am a huge fan of Buxom's Bold Gel Lipsticks - from their effortless smooth, gel formula that easily glides over the lips, I was extremely excited by TooFaced's somewhat similar version!!

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As the name quite rightly suggests the Natural Matte Butter Lipsticks are VERY buttery in texture. They have a cream-like consistency which is definitely still balm-like in my opinion. I like how saturated each lipstick is because they are fully pigmented yet lovely and buildable.

In as little as just one swipe, your lips are left with a beautifully smooth, rich, veil of colour.

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The Natural Matte Butter Lipsticks by TooFaced are ideal for those of us who suffer with a drier lip. You can layer these, wear one over the top of a lip liner or simple wear alone. The choice is entirely down to you.

With such a smooth balm-like consistency, however, it is important to note that you must be prepared to reapply your lipstick throughout the day. With such a pleasant formula, however, I am certainly not complaining.

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Love Jess


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