*NEW* Revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Foundation (Review on dry skin)

YouTubers, beauty bloggers, and makeup enthusiasts went crazy for the Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer... comparing 'the' £4 drugstore-favourite to the famous Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, there was no surprise when the makeup community all went just a little bit crazy when Revolution announced that they were set to release a brand new foundation in the same Conceal & Define range.

revolution foundation7

The cruelty-free and vegan-friendly Conceal & Define Foundation is supposedly full-coverage. With a lightweight yet buildable formulation that is oil-free and creamy, this foundation is described to feel comfortable on the skin - even once it has dried down to give a long-lasting, demi-matte finish. Revolution states that this foundation will not settle into fine lines nor cling to dry patches either, which is very exciting news!!

In all, I must tell you that I am certainly looking forward to giving this foundation a try, to find out how it performs on my drier skin type.

revolution foundation6

The new Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation has a somewhat 'thick' consistency in my opinion. The formula is creamy yet lightweight but not a foundation that I would actually describe as 'overwhipped' or 'mousse-like'. Formula aside, I must tell you that this foundation blends really quite nicely into the skin with either a soft kabuki brush or a dampened BeautyBlender. You can layer this foundation and build the intensity of its coverage, whilst the texture and appearance of this product remains smooth, even and pretty flawless to be honest.


Left - Conceal & Define Concealer (C1)
Right - Conceal & Define Foundation (F0.5)


Blended into the skin with fingers.

revolution foundation3

Before applying (any) foundation, I would ALWAYS recommend applying a thick moisturiser followed by a good primer as your first key steps...

The Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation does apply and blend really quite easily into the complexion. On a drier skin type just like mine, however, I would always recommend really over-compensating the moisturiser just to ensure good hydration for a longer period of time. Now whether or not a thicker layer of moisturiser will actually help to achieve longer hydration is a question that I don't, personally know the answer too. All I do know is that a thicker base of moisturiser always helps to glide a foundation over my complexion - whilst also ensuring an easier and quicker blend with a fresher, dewier finish.

Throughout wear, I must tell you that this foundation looks pretty good in my opinion - it hasn't clung-on to any dry patches nor has it creased around my under-eye area, for a £9 foundation, I must say that I am very impressed. Around the nose area, however, and after wearing glasses for a substantial amount of time, this foundation has been known to melt and also just ever-so-slightly accentuated the larger pores on my nose. Would I call this a game changer? Well no not really. If we were talking about a £30 foundation or even a £20 foundation, then maybe... BUT for a £9 product! You can't grumble.*

*One side note just to bare in mind
-  If you do have sensitive skin that will break out pretty easily.

I have worn this foundation four times in total - one day after another and I now have quite painful, quite hideous breakouts left on my chin area which is unfortunate to say the least.

revolution foundation5

Would you try this foundation?



Love Jess


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