Morphe & Jaclyn Hill OVERLOAD

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We all know that Morphe makes exceptional pressed eyeshadows! 

From their lovely matte formulations to their gorgeous shimmers, I just know that I can count on Morphe to deliver a well-pigmented, buttery shadow that also blends lovely and seamless over the eye area - regardless of the quality of makeup brush that I am using at the time.

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Why Jaclyn Hill?

Since the first-ever Morphe eyeshadow that I first ever tried is from the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette, I knew that I wanted to get my hands on both 'The Vault' collection when I first heard about its upcoming release but also the complete makeup brush set too.

I like Jaclyn Hill. I find her makeup tutorials incredibly helpful but also honest, and as far as I am aware myself and Jaclyn also share a very similar skin type! At the end of the day, it would be a little pointless of me to sit and read or watch a foundation review by someone who has an oily skin type, when my skin type is dry and sensitive.

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With regards to 'The Vault' eyeshadow collection, I could only tell you that I really admire what both Jaclyn and Morphe have achieved. Like previously mentioned, I think that Morphe makes great shadows, especially for their price point! Therefore, it can't be a surprise when I say that the shadows in each palette in this collection are fab as far as I am aware.

Their mattes are all lovely and buttery. They are richly saturated yet perfectly balanced with regards to how these shadows blend but also how easily buildable they are too! The shimmers, metallics or foils are all divine. You can press them onto the lid for maximum colour pay off OR alternatively apply with a wet brush for a much creamier, foiled effect and finish.

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The Makeup Brushes

Who else got excited by the news of an influencer/ Morphe makeup brush collab?!
For reference, I brought the Vegan brush set by Morphe earlier on within this year and I really like those brushes!!

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To begin with the packaging, I could only say that I like it, it isn't anything overly special as far as I can see but it's nice. I like the solid sparkly silver carry case that Jaclyn has also created for the most expensive, complete brush set! Otherwise, I can't say that the simpler plain white design that these makeup brushes have does anthing really quite that special for me.

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With liking my Vegan makeup brush set by Morphe, surprisingly, I can't say that I actually like the quality of the Jaclyn Hill X Moprhe brushes!?

For some reason, each brush seems to shed everytime that I use one! For reference, I have washed these brushes a number of times already and always take care to wash them correctly whilst also allowing them to naturally dry as instructed and advised. If truth be told though, I just can't say that I like how these brushes feel on my skin. The eye brushes in-particular are quite crispy and dry, which is a shame. They do blend product pretty well - please don't get me wrong, although I just can't say that they feel that nice in my opinion. I know that I certainly have much better quality makeup brushes in my collection already that were too of a similar price point!

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Love Jess


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