*Christmas 2018* MAC Shiny Pretty Things Mini Glitter & Pigments | Gold (Review)

MAC Shiny Pretty Things Pigments Gold3

It has been some time since a MAC product made an appearance on Jellybluesblog. From no MAC to four super adorable mini MAC products all at once, I am very excited to share the Shiny Pretty Things Party Favours Mini Glitter & Pigments Set in Gold. MAC actually has two different versions of this same set available! Both Gold and Pink contain four mini-sized products; including two pigments and two glitters.

MAC Shiny Pretty Things Pigments Gold1

To be completely transparent with you all I must say that I had never tried a MAC loose pigment before getting my hands on these. I have applied and worn other loose pigments by brands such as NYX and Inglot, although I am definitely not an avid loose pigment wearer.

MAC Shiny Pretty Things Pigments Gold4
MAC Shiny Pretty Things Pigments Gold6

The Shiny Pretty Things set in Gold contains two ultra-fine shimmer pigments which are called English Gilt and Shine Time, with two loose glitters that are called Gold and Copper.


All four of the loose pigments in this set are very pigmented in my opinion! They give an amazing colour payoff in as little as one application! As expected though, you will get a heap ton of fallout when applying one of these to your eye area - even with a glitter primer used beforehand. If you take precautions, however, the fallout doesn't have to be a problem. I would always recommend applying all of your eye makeup first and then applying your base after!

MAC Shiny Pretty Things Pigments Gold10
MAC Shiny Pretty Things Pigments Gold11

Loose pigments are not a product that I would choose to swap an everyday eyeshadow palette for. They take a little more patience and with that time - which is why I wouldn't want to use one each and every time that I decided to wear eye makeup! The finish that a loose pigment gives, however, is incredible in my opinion! Not only are these pigments full-coverage but they also give a high-shine beaming veil of shimmer and colour to the lids.

MAC Shiny Pretty Things Pigments Gold2


Love Jess



  1. 22/12/2018 / 09:44

    This looks like such a good set all of the colours are so wearable and so gorgeous! I definitely need to pick this set up, thanks for sharing xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • jellybluesblog
      22/12/2018 / 11:36

      You’re more than welcome lovely!! I just think it’s beautiful ???? Probably one of the best value for money sets I’ve ever come across too! For £29 you get a great sized product… definitely recommend you picking this up whilst you still can ???? xx

    • jellybluesblog
      07/01/2019 / 14:13

      You’re more than welcome! I think this is currently in the sale at Debenhams too (if you haven’t picked it up already) xx

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