*NEW* Saffron Barker For BeautyBay Eyeshadow Palette Collection (Swatches + Review)

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With SO many influencer and brand collabs at large sometimes it can be difficult to filter between the products that you actually want as opposed to the products that you only like because your favourite influencer is involved.

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To be completely transparent with you all I must say that I am subscribed to Saffron Barker, although that was never my reason for purchasing this collection of eyeshadow palettes! My reason for taking the plunge and purchasing all three palettes is actually because of the video that I watched where @mmmmitchell created an eye look on Saffron with the use of these palettes! I really liked the finished eye look created by @mmmmitchell with also the actual shade range that each palette has.

The Palettes

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Good Vibes Only

Like all three of the different eyeshadow palettes, Good Vibes Only features six eyeshadows along with two larger pressed powders.  Although the two larger pans are specifically labelled as highlighter though, I must say that I actually use these both as eyeshadows!

Good Vibes Only is the more Summer-appropriate palette out of the three in my opinion. With warm, deep - orange reds and a mix of shimmery, glittery pinks, I feel that this palette is going to be one that I reach for more around May/June time.

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Get Ready With Me

Get Ready With Me is perhaps my personal favourite out of the three. Featuring cooler neutral mattes with sparkly champagne-toned shimmers, I really like reaching for this palette on both a daily basis but also when I want to create something a little more glam as well! Out of all three palettes, I would also have to say that this is the one that I would reach for if I want to create a rather easy smokey eye look.

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Love Affair

Last but certainly not least we have Love AffairLove Affair is the ultimate Valentines Day palette! From warm berry tones to gorgeous soft pink shimmers, I love using this palette on those days when I fancy wearing a little bit of colour but I still want a very wearable and easy eye look.


Whether you wish to get your hands on just one palette OR purchase all three of them at once, I must say that I really admire their affordability! They are versatile with regards to the shade range and the way in which you can apply the glittery, shimmery shades! I personally really like applying one of the matte shadows all over the lid and then adding one of the really bright shimmers to my inner corner, although the choice of how you wear and apply eyeshadow is completely up to the individual! Like all forms of makeup, there are no rules.

I would say that the matte shadows in each palette can be a little patchy, although this can easily be rectified by taking one's time and building the richly pigmented formula up! There is little fallout as far as I am aware which is always good news, especially as these shadows do blend really quite softly and pretty easily as well!

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In my overall opinion, I could only say that both BeautyBay and Saffron Barker have done an amazing job on creating a collection of palettes that offer an everyday shade range with an easy option to glam up a simple look. I also really like how each palette literally offers a complete eye look in one... for whether you wish to take just one of the lightweight and travel-friendly palettes away with you or keep it in your makeup bag for everyday use, I think that these palettes are great for both beginners but also for those of us who enjoy collecting and using quite a lot of different makeup!

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What are your thoughts on the Saffron Barker for BeautyBay eyeshadow palette collection?


Love Jess



  1. 01/01/2019 / 03:21

    ‘Good vibes only’ and ‘Love affair’ look so freaking gorgeous! Gahh I really need to stay away from eye shadow palettes. I’ve been hoarding them like crazy in the last month.


    • jellybluesblog
      07/01/2019 / 14:17

      I have been hoarding eyeshadow palettes like my life depends on it! 🙂 All three of Saffron’s palettes with BeautyBay are gorg, although ‘Get Ready With Me’ is my favourite. xx

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