*Limited-Edition* NARS Ignited Eyeshadow Palette (Swatches + Review)

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We all know how fab the (limited-edition) WANTED eyeshadow palette was by NARS!! From the lovely packaging design to a complimentary selection of shades, it is fair to say that this palette was "and is still" one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes in my collection...

When NARS then announced the release of the new IGNITED palette, YOU KNOW that my heart literally skipped a beat!

Jellybluesblog NARS Ignited Palette3
Jellybluesblog NARS Ignited Palette5

The NARS IGNITED eyeshadow palette features twelve stunning shades!

From three mattes to one shimmer, you can also find two metallic shadows in this palette as well as six "sparkly" shades.

Jellybluesblog NARS Ignited Palette6

The IGNITED palette's complimentary yet super wearable shade range allows this to be one of the better palettes on the market in my opinion. The shadows offer versatility whilst still being totally wearable! From the soft, neutral matte tones to the intense metallics and glitters, I would definitely say that you can create many different eye-looks with this palette. Making this a good travel-budy as far as I am aware.

Identical to the shadow formula in the WANTED palette, I feel that I must confirm that the eyeshadow formula in the IGNITED palette is also impeccable.

These shadows have a soft, buttery formula that blend and apply with very little effort indeed. They are pigmented although workable and just very nice textured shadows overall. If truth be told, I could only say that NARS currently has one of my favourite eyeshadow formulas on the market!

Jellybluesblog NARS Ignited Palette4


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