*RELAUNCH* Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eye Palette & Blush Duo (Review)

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Who knew the relaunch of a limited-edition product could be so persuasive?!

When Charlotte Tilbury first expanded her iconic Pillow Talk collection to include an eyeshadow palette and blush duo, I must say that it was never my intention to purchase anything new from the brand. Since I already own and very much adore Charlotte's limited-edition Stars In Your Eyes palette, and since that palette features a glorious selection of shades, I just never thought that I needed the Pillow Talk palette in my life nor the accompanying blusher.

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Like Charlotte's other eyeshadow quads, the Pillow Talk palette features four shades. The four shades are each inspired by Charlotte's iconic Lip Cheat lip liner in (you guessed it) the shade Pillow Talk, which also brings our attention to the pairing Pillow Talk blusher, which is also a part of the Cheek To Chic blush range.

Both the Pillow Talk eye palette and the Pillow Talk Cheek To Chic blusher were once limited edition products. Since both products have been in such high demand, however, Charlotte has brought them back, only this time FOR GOOD!!

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The Pillow Talk Cheek To Chic blusher has the same gorgeous formula that all of the Cheek To Chich blushers have. I actually already own the Cheek To Chic blush in the shade Sex On Fire, and this is without a doubt one of my favourite blushes that I own!! I really like how smooth yet perfectly pigmented the Cheek To Chic blushes are because they blend out seamlessly in my opinion but also build and layer exquisitely as well.

Out of the two shades that I own, I would say that Pillow Talk is much more subtle in tone. I feel as though this blush shade would compliment a deeper, more tanned skin tone, although it does still add a lovely subtle flush of colour to a fair skin tone as well. With regards to the finish, I think Pillow Talk is much more glowy and fresh looking than Sex On Fire. This blush adds a very healthy yet radiant glow to the complexion whilst also adding a subtle flush of colour to the cheeks as well.

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Following Pillow Talk's underlying theme, I would say that the Pillow Talk eye palette is very subtle in tone. The shades add a lovely flush of colour to the eyes but this is not a strong eyeshadow palette as far as I am aware.

Charlotte's gorgeous eyeshadow formula is one that I know I already really like. I have a few different eyeshadow palettes by Charlotte Tilbury in my collection, which is how I know that these shadows usually work for me. Both the matte and shimmer formulas are creamy and buttery in texture. They give very little fallout in my opinion and because of this, I can confidently and very happily apply any Charlotte Tilbury shadow over the top of freshly applied foundation, and even if that foundation has a dewy finish as well!!

The Pillow Talk palette is one that I would describe as very natural. The shade range is very pretty and perhaps perfect for bridal makeup too?! I would not, personally choose to wear this palette for an evening eye look, simply because it is not intense enough for my liking. For the Summertime, however, I think this palette will the perfect addition to my everyday makeup routine!

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What are your thoughts on the Pillow Talk collection?!


Love Jess


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