BeautyBlender Bounce Foundation (Review on dry skin)

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We saw it, we heard about it, and probably even had our thoughts about the release. There is no denying that the BeautyBlender Bounce Foundation didn't receive its fair share of criticism when it was first released, due to the underwhelming shade range but also "lack of" inclusion.

Whatever your thoughts on the BeautyBlender Bounce Foundation, I would just like to mention that I am only basing this review and my own thoughts on the foundation's formula itself. Obviously, there has been a lot of backlash around this foundation's shade range - and quite rightly so. Although, I have found a shade of this foundation that matches my fake tanned self!

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The BeautyBlender Bounce Foundation is described to have a "light-as-air, whipped, mousse-like texture" which pairs perfectly with the iconic BeautyBlender sponge. Said to dry with a 'velveteen' semi-matte finish, this foundation doesn't supposedly dry the skin out either. From 'blurring imperfections to masking your skin's natural radiance' I have also heard that this foundation works beautifully on both oily-combination skin types but also drier skin types as well.

BeautyBlender says that you will achieve a medium coverage with just two pumps of the Bounce Foundation and a full-coverage with just three pumps.

Jellybluesblog BeautyBlender Bounce Foundation Review

SHADE: 2.10

I have been testing the BeautyBlender Bounce Foundation out for a good few weeks now, and ironically, I would have to say that I prefer first applying this foundation onto the skin with a makeup brush but then blending and softening the finish with a dampened BeautyBlender sponge.

The finish of this foundation is one that I would describe as very 'velvet-like'. It doesn't feel drying on the skin but then also doesn't appear matte either.

This foundation has a very comfortable texture in my opinion and this is coming from a girl who has a naturally dry skin type.

I have to apply both eye cream and moisturiser onto my skin before the application of any foundation, and this foundation is certainly no exception, although other foundations can still appear very dry and cakey on my skin whilst this one really doesn't.

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SHADE: 2.10

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On a daily basis, I would say that I apply around two pumps of this foundation onto my skin to achieve the type of coverage that I like, although for a fuller, heavier coverage I would say that I would probably use around 3-4 pumps of this foundation. It has a very light and thin consistency in my opinion, although this is certainly not a watery or loose foundation as far as I am aware because it doesn't drip or evaporate into a BeautyBlender sponge.

I really like the finish of this foundation. It applies and wears beautifully on my skin type whilst also covering and concealing any problem areas that I may have at the time. I can apply both cream products and powders over the top of this foundation without risking it breaking down or separating either. You can layer this foundation and build up the coverage whilst also adding extra coverage to your complexion throughout the day - just as long as you didn't apply a hefty layer of setting powder when you first put on your makeup.

The Bounce Foundation by BeautyBlender has to receive a massive pair of thumbs up from me because it is a foundation that I would happily repurchase regardless of the hefty price tag whilst also happily reaching for this foundation on a daily basis but also on those occasions when I want a fuller face of makeup as well.

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