COVER FX DEWY SKIN PRIMER (Review on dry skin)

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Since super dewy skin is now "all the rage" and "glass skin" has become an immensely popular trend both on the catwalk but also in the comfort of one's own home as well, I have been desperate to get my hands on the relatively new COVER FX Dewy Skin Primer, as this primer is said to provide the 'ultimate glowy base' to one's complexion.

A hydrating primer that is designed for normal and dry skin types, this primer is said to nourish and refresh skin whilst also providing an instant dewy finish. Enriched with coconut alkanes for an instant moisture-boost and peptides that visibly smooth the appearance of lines, there is also hyaluronic acid and squalene in this primers formula that supposedly helps increase moisture retention.

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The COVER FX Dewy Skin Primer has a thick gel formula in my opinion that instantly melts once in contact with the skin. This primer feels very velvety but also super smooth and clean. It has a very glowy but dewy finish and a rather oily consistency as far as I am aware.

Foundations, cream products, and even powdered products apply and blend really nicely over this primer, although I do have to dab my BeautyBlender over the foundation that I have applied a few times to ensure that the product is well pressed into the skin because the finish of this primer is super dewy and almost a little oily if I am being honest.

I don't think that the COVER FX Dewy Skin Primer is suitable for oily skin types, combination or even normal skin types because the finish of this primer is super dewy and intense that it could break down one's makeup. You can feel the texture of this primer on the skin, although I wouldn't say that it is uncomfortable in any sense. This primer definitely makes a dry skin type appear very glowy and dewy - I actually feel the need to powder and, believe me, feeling the need to powder is not something that I usually experience...

To sum up my thoughts and feelings on the COVER FX Dewy Skin Primer I could only say that this is an extraordinary product for a dry skin type. I don't think that I would reach for this primer during the UK Summertime because the finish may be mistaken for sweat, although for everyday wear and typical UK weather I think that this product will work really well and help make my skin appear very healthy and dewy throughout wear.

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Love Jess


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