*NEW* MAC Art Library Flame Boyant Eyeshadow Palette (Review & Giveaway)

Since giving away all of my MAC eyeshadows, I cannot say that I have missed using the formula! MAC eyeshadows are nice in my opinion but not one of my favourites. I much prefer the Morphe eyeshadow formula, Urban Decay, Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, and NARS. After walking into the store, however, and discovering this beautiful palette, the real question has to be “how could I not?”.

This eyeshadow palette swatched beautifully in-store with a gorgeous, buttery, rich formula in both the matte finish and the frost. The shadows appeared very pigmented, incredibly saturated but also finely textured and lightweight. They did not seem to kick-up in the pan or appear as though they could potentially give a lot of fallout either.

After discovering this beautiful eyeshadow palette at the MAC counter and instantly feeling very impressed with the swatches I had taken, I HAD to pick up a second palette to giveaway over on my Instagram! If there is one thing I know, it’s that trying out new makeup is incredibly satisfying, which is why I wanted to allow one of my followers the chance to experience this without actually spending a penny!

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning this eyeshadow palette, head over to my Instagram NOW or follow this link!! (Ends 21/06/19).

The MAC Art Library Flame Boyant eyeshadow palette features twelve warm-toned shades. From five frost finishes to seven matte eyeshadows, I must say that this is a very handy and versatile palette to have in one’s collection. There is a cooler transition shade, lots of warm crease shades, as well as plenty of those intense shimmery eyeshadows that you can use to really make your eye look pop!

I love the gold eyeshadow in this palette because it is the most buttery and creamy eyeshadow out of them all in my opinion. The light shimmery inner corner highlight has a subtle green/ gold iridescent shift that definitely adds a bit of fun to your eye look. I also really like how intense and smokey you can make your eyeshadow appear with all of the deep, plum-toned shades in this palette. You can definitely create a very subtle eye look with this palette but also something super rich, sultry and dramatic.

The shadows themselves have a very light texture which is super buildable and easily blendable as well. The deeper, richer shades are a little patchy if I am being totally honest, although you can easily build and layer these eyeshadows to create something super smooth, even and seamless. This is a super nice eyeshadow palette in my opinion and one that I am very happy to have in my own collection but also giveaway to one lucky follower as well! I think it is fair to say that the MAC Art Library Flame Boyant eyeshadow palette has transformed my faith in MAC as a brand.


Love Jess


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