*NEW* Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation (Review)

Post Type: Product Review

Brand: Anastasia Beverly Hills
Product: NEW Luminous Foundation
Foundation Finish: Natural/Matte Finish
Shade Range: 50 Shades
Price Point: Luxury

Saturday 24th August 2019

It is a quiet Saturday afternoon, the sun is shining and the traffic outside is unusually sporadic. Perhaps most are taking advantage of the bank holiday weekend ahead, “question of the day”, do other countries have bank holidays… or is it just a UK thing?! Please let me know in the comments below.

Moving along, I wanted to take some time today to sit down and write my thoughts and own experience of the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation.

Many brands are launching a new foundation at the moment, from Pat McGrath Labs to Charlotte Tilbury, Kat Von D has a new foundation soon to launch, and Fenty Beauty has just released a new hydrating foundation formula.

Shade: 130N

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation claims the following:
Clinically tested
Dermatologist tested
Suitable for sensitive skin
No flashback

In my opinion, I would have to say that the Luminous Foundation by Anastasia Beverly Hills is an okay product. It isn’t the best foundation that I have ever personally tried, although this certainly isn’t the worst foundation on the market either.

The consistency of this foundation is one that I would describe as medium because it is not mousse-like, thick or creamy but it is also not runny or liquid-like either.
I suppose I apply around 2-3 pumps of this foundation to achieve the comfortable medium coverage that I like to wear and, in all fairness, 2-3 pumps of foundation is probably the average amount of foundation that I use each time I apply a face of makeup.

The Luminous Foundation covers the complexion well in my opinion when applied with either a dense brush or a damp BeautyBlender; (always bearing in mind that a damp BeautyBlender will lesson the coverage of any foundation).

One thing I have noticed when applying and wearing this foundation is the creasing. For some reason, the Luminous Foundation does crease particularly around my under eyes; whether I apply eye cream and primer or do not. The wear of this foundation and the cause of creasing could be due to my naturally dry skin type or it could be at fault of the formula of this foundation itself, either way, I would say that the Luminous Foundation by Anastasia Beverly Hills may be better suited to those with normal – oily skin types.


Love Jess


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