*NEW* Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette (Swatches & Review)

Here she is, the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde eyeshadow palette.

The Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde eyeshadow palette features eighteen gorgeous shades. From nine “buttery” mattes to six “high-shine creamy” metallics, there are two “multi-reflective” shadows in this palette, as well as a “glitter powder”.Much to my surprise, I must say that this is actually a pretty wearable eyeshadow palette. I like the selection of matte shades in this palette because they are somewhat wearable for everyday but also versatile in the sense that you can create something intense, dramatic, fun and creative.

Huda’s metallic formula is one of my personal favourites, and this palette does certainly does not disappoint. The matte formula is a little dry in my opinion, although a formula that you can work with, you just have to take the time to ensure that everything is seamlessly blended.

The Shades

*Swatches all applied dry onto clean, dry skin. Picture taken in natural daylight.*

In my overall opinion, I must say that this is a very nice eyeshadow palette! The shade range is fun yet wearable. There is a nice selection of neutral mattes whilst the super pigmented metallics and glitters give the option for a very fun and “out-there” style of makeup look. I especially enjoy popping one of the metallics from this palette onto the centre of my lid with the use of my finger, as I find the warmth of the finger to really help pack on the pigment but also give the most impact!




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